Level up your customer support!

Instantly reply to any customer message

What it is?

Customer support executives need to answer hundreds of queries every day. Manually typing the answers to these questions is a tedious task. QuickReply is a Slack app that lets you store predefined answers to the commonly asked questions and use them instantly.

Why use it?

Save Time

Quickly answer the common questions with saved replies

Save Typing

Setup long, frequently used replies and save yourself hours of typing

Increase Productivity

Perfect for customer support, chat support and many such places

How to use it?

1. Download the app here

2. Setup quick replies in app homepage (Slack)

3. Goto any message in any channel and click ... to see `Send a quick Reply`

4. Select any message from the list, hit send and see it appear as a reply

Pricing: $0

QuickReply is completely free to use. No signup and No Credit Card required. You only need a valid Slack account.

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